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  • "America does not have the best health care in the world, one simply has to look at the statistics. "Solving the American Health Care Crisis: Simply Common Sense" is another viewpoint on the current health care crisis as Umang Malhotra uses his world traveling experience to offer his own opinion on how the United States can solve their own health care problems by taking the best executions of other health care systems throughout the world. Thoughtful and thought provoking, "Solving the American Health Care Crisis" is a read well worth considering."
- Midwest Book Review (Amazon Review)
  • "This book is an INVESTIGATIVE ANALYSIS about US HEALTHCARE and how to FIX the problems. It is a FRESH perspective written by a person who paints the big picture and is practical. He has lived abroad and examines key countries' systems and how to incorporate the best of each into the US system. It portrays how current US POLITICAL dynamics are playing out. If the concepts in this book are implemented, it will SAVE you a lot of money, while IMPROVING healthcare quality. If you read this book, you will be healthcare SAVVY."

- Dr Sunita Shailam, MD, Sun Health Medical Clinic, Inc. Medical Director  (Amazon Review)

  • "I think this is a great read. It hits all the issues and possible solutions in context of the american healthcare system."

Anonymous (Barnes & Noble Review) 

  • "As a nation, we have been in a total state of denial about the complexity of our health care crisis.  Mr. Malhotra dissects the problem with the precision of a surgeon, and exposes the issues and the alternatives with compelling logic.  It's an inspiring call to action."
- Dan Ruchman, President Ruchman & Associates
  • "Malhotra asks tough questions about what's happening to the American health care system.  His answers are eye-opening and sensible... a must read for everyone concerned about their health and the future of America."
- Christopher Scott, PhD, CEO
  • "This makes the optimization of American's health care refreshingly clear, simple, and efficient."

- Dr Sunita Shailam, MD, Sun Health Medical Clinic, Inc. Medical Director 

  • "In the 'world's greatest' health care system many seniors are taking at least eight prescription drugs a month and refilling them 27 times a year ... we need perceptive minds like his in Washington, D.C."
- David Alan Goodman, PhD, Founder, Newport Neuroscience Center
  • "It is rewarding to see a person not involved in the field of medicine be so knowledgeable about the medical practice across the globe.  The effect malpractice suits have on defensive medicine - costly procedures, tests, and paperwork - must be addressed.  This book is indeed appreciated."
- Dr Syed Mousavi M.D. FACS

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